Friday, December 30, 2016

First Impressions

Just got back home from picking up by Bolt, overall I think the car is pretty nice!

I do not have a problem with the seat comfort people mentioned in other threads, they feel pretty good to me. I am also not a big guy (5'10" 150 lbs) and not very wide, but for a skinny guy seem ok so far. Tomorrow I am going to spend 8 hours driving it so I will have a better impression of seat comfort after that.

In my opinion it rides pretty sporty and feels like a European car to me. Tight handling and very rigid. I like that kind of ride but on the 405 (which is like a washboard in a lot of places) there is a decent amount of bounce in the car. I was surprised with the handling though, I figured it would be more "American" and soft. It reminded me a little of the ride quality of the model X.

The dealer only had a charger capable of putting 3kw into the car so as soon as I had enough to get home I unplugged. I live next to a evGO station so when I got home I charged up for 20 min and it's pretty quick. Again taking it on a 8 hour trip tomorrow so I will be charging a few times and really see how it works out but overall it seems workable so far.

Everyone says it's cheap and plasticy, and it is, but I think it's the same style as my friends i3. His car is made of recycled soda bottles and because of that it's "eco" but still feels cheap. Overall very roomy and I think it's decent so far.

It's raining today so every time I tried to floor it at a stop light the just spun the tires but on the freeway it had decent pep. I think given that it is a $42k EV compared to a $170k Model X the performance is pretty good. More on this as I get a chance to really drive it.

The drivers display with the range and power being used I think is very intuitive. It's is a little strange that under around 65mph there is a green halo around your speed and above it starts to turn yellow, I guess they want to encourage you to drive slower and use less power. I didn't see if you go fast enough if it goes red but maybe tomorrow I will try to find out.  I do think there should be a reset for the setting of "power used since last FULL charge. I am not sure how chevy is managing the battery but this really encourages charging to 100% (which is a Tesla no-no) and there is no other way, that I can see, to reset this metric. Being a numbers guy this bugs me.

First fast charge!

The car app actually seems pretty useful to monitor charging status

Getting' some electrons

I think the orange looks cool


  1. Thank you for these impressions and reports. Keep them coming (for those of us outside CA / WA)!

  2. Thank you for these impressions and reports. Keep them coming (for those of us outside CA / WA)!

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