Friday, January 6, 2017

DC Fast Charge data

I sat on the charger for 90 minutes tonight to get a better idea of the various tapers the car undergoes as it is charged. The main takeaway is that the tapers are not gradual, they are hard drops in charging power. The first drop I noticed was around 50% charge, then another around 70%, and then another around 80ish%. I ended up around 85% charged and pulling in around 16 kW at that time. Ambient temperature is around 60F.

There were two times once at 30% and once at 40% where some fans/pumps came on and drew around 5 kW from the charger for a few minutes. Other than that no real abnormalities in the charge.

Overall charge vs time

Charge rate vs SoC

Overall charge from 1-35%

Overall charge from 35%-68%

Overall charge from 68-87%

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Another trip? Where to and what data should I collect?

Since I think I have nothing to do this weekend I figured I might drive somewhere again, maybe just a day trip to collect more data on charging, efficiency, etc. Any suggestions?

Monday, January 2, 2017

SF to LA: ECO Mode!

Headed back to LA today after a few days in SF. While I was there I was able to get a 100% charge at my buddies place and decided to see how far I could push the car on a single charge.

Initially my first stop was going to be in Selma which is around 190 miles from Oakland. I was unsure if I would actually make it that far and it was raining so I set the cruise control between 60 mph and 63 mph the entire trip. After going through two mountain passes and things flattened out I was doing really well with efficiency so I decided to push on to Vasila which was a total of 219 miles from my start.

I ended up making it with 4% SoC and the car just saying LOW for rated miles remaining, I was guess I had maybe 8-10 miles left though. Driving slow really upped the overall efficiency!!

Temp: ~45-50F
Speed: ~62mph
Wind: None
Cabin heat: Off
Miles: 219.2
Total kWh used: 57.6 (100%-4%)
Efficiency: 263 Wh/mi or 3.8 mi/kWh
Charging start: 1:35pm, 4% SoC
Charging finish: 2:25pm, 58% SoC (Also includes 2 minutes on the phone with EVgo)

After that I had a short trip to Bakersfield for another charge before going over the grapevine and getting back to LA. I tried to drive this as close to 75mph as I could.

Temp: ~50F
Speed: ~75
Wind: None
Cabin heat: Off
Miles: 84.8
Total kWh used: 25.8 (58%-15%)
Efficiency: 304 Wh/mi or 3.29 mi/kWh
Charging start: 3:48pm, 15% SoC
Charging finish: 4:30pm, 65% SoC (Total charge time was 39min)

Going up the grapevine chewed up a lot of range but going back down I was able to get a lot of regen.

Temp: ~55F
Speed: Mixed (~60ish going up the grapevine, 65-70 going down)
Wind: None
Cabin heat: Off
Miles: 106.9
Total kWh used: 25.8 (65%-22%)
Efficiency: 241 Wh/mi or 4.14 mi/kWh