Friday, December 23, 2016

Bolt EV

Looks like my Bolt is in Mira Loma and should be delivered next week! Originally I had an order placed for a Model X but since we decided to buy a house I figured the money was better spent other places but I still wanted a non-gas powered car that I could maybe use to drive long distances. So after delivery, on new years eve, I am going to drive up to SF from LA and test the CCS charging system along CA-99.

I figure I should be able to make it using two stops (leaving with a full charge); Once in Visalia (190 miles from start) and once at the West Valley Mall (170 miles from Visalia). Since CA-99 has a lot of CCS stations I should be able to adjust these stops if needed. It should take 6.5 hours of actual driving and around 2 hours of charging if Chevy's estimates are accurate and since I already have a L2 EVSE I can top up at my friends place when I arrive.

Since I have wi-fi on my phone (and I guess in the car) and several hours to kill while charging I will try to update the trip as I go.

Proposed Route

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